About Me

Hei There,

Thanks for stopping by  and reading this blog.

To start with myself, I am Software Engineer by Profession from Bangalore, India. My world revolves around Fashion,Clothes, Movies, Travel rather than Software and  Technology 😉 . Though I am not much into reading (except the Fashion Magazines) and writing , but I love giving reviews and trying out different things. The only piece of writing I have done so far is writing few letters to Femina(Oh by the way, I received a gift hamper for the same) and probably writing few reviews here n there   and creating a blog for my wedding e-invite. Blogging is something that was on my mind from so many months, but I was little skeptical about it. I was not sure if I will be able to do any  justice by creating another blog? There are just so many blogs out there, what do I write that brings in a value add ? will anyone be reading it?   and several other things I kept on asking myself and postponing it, until today.

Why Today?What’s Changed?

Today I read a interview about of of my favorite blogger where she wrote that she started her blog with just three product reviews and mentioned that no one read it for months. I somehow couldn’t believe it. I always thought that her blog was always so successful .That interview gave me a courage to start writing on my own. I thought that at least I should give this feeling of mine a chance 🙂 .And also today, I discussed these things with my hubby  and he just said “Stop thinking and Start Writing”.

Why I want to blog?

I love giving reviews about the things that I try out. I have this instant urge to share. So what’s better way to share other than blogs. As of now I have so many things going on in my mind , that I couldn’t hold it anymore and just had to start writing it down. So here I am, with this little experiment, with my blog- PinkTrends.

What this blog is about?

“From Kitchen Table To Dressing Table “, that’s what my friend called it when I shared my idea with her. I liked the line, quite catchy I feel. So yes, that’s what the blog is going to be about. To start with I am planning to write about various things that matter in a Girls World. Be it beauty,fashion, food, make up, cosmetics, travel.

Hope you will enjoy the series of posts. Stay Tunned.


Nisha Mishra Singh



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